Its the best day, warm, sunny only tiny clouds along the horizon, snow shining on the mountains behind and in front all unsnowed the colour of my mustard green trousers, dull winter grass – no mowing. Sitting in the rubbish at the back of the fish yards nearly to the SW a bit W I know my directions very well here, need to improve them at home.
Birds gulls cormorants brown robins,, its actually noisy
all the fishing boats are out, lazing in the water, R says they go out whenever they can, keep old ways going.I am sitting on a rock amongst rubbish and broken seashells, its all a mess together. I like the different view of the lighthouse from here, without a house in it though I am among the warehouses, sunday, they could be empty but I felt and heard a thud, on a day like this no evil could come from scandanavian warehouses on the edge of the sea…
This is not a mile but its very peaceful
I will do a mile later when I go to the shipyard for a party…off there now