Thinking about the piece it was almost like a meditation rather than the hard task based feeling I thought it had, I was just not relating to them, which is something that has really struck me more about the pillars and the films and the ideas, they are through a container….will think more on that.

it’s the first time I can really see the seaweed moving underwater something to do with calm and light

Have just come back from the Viking boat launch a wonderful event at the big shipyard, invited by the ship yard owner’s wife , really kind of her as very special event . The Boat was launched with a sextet of Brass players playing a new composition, it was the tryout – it gets packed in a crate and sent to the Venice Biennale tomorrow . Much nicer here with just the friends and artists, he is Iceland’s biggest artist I think  – again Icelandic food, pancakes and rye bread with salmon and champagne.They enjoy life in Iceland I must say!