Frida wrote an email and said beautiful

Greta said that laying down with the glaciers was a moment full of worship and it brought tears to her eyes, when I jumped from weather to weather, I was fighting the bad weather within us . She also found a connection to a sadness in the pillars. That because of no sound she felt the enclosed sound of all of us  was brought open.

The potter

her brother-in-law was overwhelmed by it, her sister said he was ‘a new man’! He felt calm and joyous.

she was so tired from her opening but sat and watched me and as much the audience because we could all be see. The one man who started of surprised and the began to look at how the building was mad, with the wife in a stubborn chair, the odd young man in the other room, the thin thin old lady who stood like a ghost the whole time as if a wrath, the completely annoying photographer – how could he not know what he was doing, how could someone be so thoughtless….