hmmmm… about these instructions… I have had discussions  , worried they break your  beingness in this place. Its not what you do… But Rebecca says that this is the point. Am very aware about the daunting ..  Interpretation is up to you..there are other elements  included….. Maybe.. This is where It gets interesting..  Imagine if you did this for a year… Rebecca would have you at the ends of the earth and yourself?.. Whereas I might just ultimately refuse to instruct …How we think out differently I think.. Or maybe it seems dangerous to me.. of the things I could think of suggesting…and then what happens…These are random tentative exploratons of self in a particular space and time…..maybe not random enough..the aim is uncertain, a gathering of ‘more’ to work from and through.The Instructions mirrors of our own accumulancies.
Are there discussions to be had about the compass of life changing, instruction/connection/ omnipotency, and its opposite ,rules of life, ritual, chaos and order etc..there is always Extreme compass. Which could be life or death…and taste of fear etc..

24 directions sounds strong. Good luck…