April 20th, up gently, did rituals, worked on objects, went upstairs,  warm up, set up which takes 20 minutes then a runthrough, a family arrived just as I was re-setting, allowed them in and lucky as 2 came back later for performance. Then off to the pottery opening, very glamourous, everyone really dresses up for events here, and masses of people I thought they must have all come from Reykavik but no all Stykiss, where have they been all week! The people I have met were all there though so people to talk to, printed scarves on the wall and pottery on a large table all for sushi and a chef cooking seafood to fill the plates, everyone ate so much, then the speciality fried dandelions. came back here, nervous, walked through piece again, warmed up and no one, then suddenly all there 20 -30. After performance walked to swimming pool but shut so that daily ritual has been broken, I will go back tomorrow, so posted postcards and di walk up to the lighthouse and sat and watched the sunset, first time I have been there with the light on and the rhythmic whirr.

April 19 Did rituals and went and worked upstairs 9.30 – 1.30 straight, then went out in rain to find objects to the east and collect interviews, girl in shop, the librarian, the potter all had to be people inside, swim and prepare objects.

April 18 did rituals and worked upstairs, drinking, drinking, later walked to the graveyard, went swimming, talked to potter, went to the hotel to try and find Sevri, he had promised me an outing after I helped with tables at the cafe on the harbour, but he was not around, saw Ragnheildur at the library. Walked over to the Church to hear them again pressed my ear to the window and they sounded good, dropped my hat, realised when I was nearly back, went and got it, still where it was. R came here and we went to te cafe againe, fish soup, then she drove me past her huse before letting me off.

I lie down, the last thing I see is the lighthouse, but looking up I am under a sprinkler so I change my head to look up at the sky and point to lighthouse. The noise my watch, the seconds are too loud – I undo it and throw it across the room (throw time away)Then I listen to sound – the dull hum of the building seems to be coming from my right I think thats where the mechanics are, a tin whistle bird is loud and close, two seagulls very high dabble across the sky, the clouds hardly move it is a billowy blue and white day right now. It is 8. My feet hurt so much and the muscles at the top of my calves, I just can’t wear shoes to dance, I need my feet, for something so precise, really hurting I can feel all the pain of nerves and muscles. A boat sound, ah its the ferry arriving back. amazed at how many people came when just before time I was about to think no one was coming, then they arrived in a flurry. As I lie here I think through the piece, did the last compass poem towards them, left out a few ‘compasses'( I had a sign to put up for each of the directions)

At the beginning they were totally loud! Talked all the way through the first Direction ( glasses!) Luckily they got quiet. Blind compass good, wave interesting as people there and had to move the girl from the window to do Faultline. Very old lady was standing on ‘quiet’ so had to move her. Not sure they even noticed me outside, they liked the words of the compasses and I cut periscope short, jumping on all the weather names was good as my breath got louder and louder, lots of people had to move out of my way, a laugh or two, Fear and a lady was sitting in a chair right there! Hilarious but I did it over her, I loved the glacier moment, I did the nests fast no one came to watch things in other rooms, added in some dancing to the slipper dance, sort of floating ballroom, don’t think they got the bird drawings, needed to watch out the window, but 45 minutes is very long when all are being quiet and attentive! they all clapped at the end but focused and quiet during it, they were open.

Not too many comments and suddenly I realized why, it is language as well as not knowing what to say

comments beautiful

It made me calm and but all the madness out of my head


unsure what to think.

Some very sincere handshakes from men who had no words but looking very directly in my eyes.

3  very special hugs from three women I have met, the potter, Frida and Ola, heartfelt.

A man took photographs all the way through, I might have been annoyed but in fact the clicking was like extra music, I hope he sends me them, if not I will be annoyed but I could not stop him.

As soon as the last person left and the door closed, I sighed and waited a moment and at that moment the pillars began their singing. Perhaps no one would believe me about their singing but it is like the glasses. Then I cleared up in silence slowly, ritually each lots of objects taking  its own time,

all to bring home

five empty cards, word compasses, slippers, chess, glasses, pour away the water, the map and the silver pen, notes for welcome, my seven blue nests

leaving compass and lump of lighthouse till later

Now very windy noises like wiping a table with a rough cloth if you are close to it, in  east a low grey cloud,  north east mountains in snow and light, calm out to sea, west a big eyebrow cloud over the descending sun, clouds and wind. Now I just want to look at my lighthouse, have not been up for two days, maybe I will later though I hope I’m off swimming if its still open.

Actually, I ‘ll take the compass now

As soon as

Performance The Library Of water April 20 2013 6.30pm

24 Directions
 No Music but Bones and Murmur
prologue     Compass
1. Siren
2. Blind Compass
3. Wave
4.Fault line
5.It is an Arriving and a Returning
6. I lay down on the word quiet
7. A watery appearance
8. Compass 3 it’s all about the far, far journey in
9.Compass 4 There are beginning to e things beyond my farthest point
10. Map Although I don’t know where I am going, I am above the map of where I am
11. Periscope I begin to cherish this distance
12.Fight ( chess)
13. ?
14. I drop a piece of paper and it cracks
15. The weather is music
16. Fear
17. Observance Maybe the distance under our feet is more tangible than that which is overhead
18.Ver ( beyond)
19. Cut
20. Glaciers I have my arms around two glaciers and the tip of my toe on another
22. Slipper Dance
23. What is distance to a bird
24 Lighthouse Compass Lighthouse

wind arrows all have feathers

slight snow


solar halo  lunar halo


blue sky

partly clouded sky, wholly clouded sky




rehearsal objects

rehearsal objects

9 birds, 10 birds

7 birds, 8 birds

5, birds, 6 birds

3 birds, 4 birds

1 bird, 2 birds

rehearsal objects

rehearsal objects

Rehearsl objects

Rehearsal objects



This might have been East but wasn't

I realized I could stand next to anything and just face ‘east’ so I could just do that, I didn’t intend in fact I only perceived this as I was finding the objects, anyway I think I have sorted myself out and all these objects are pointing to the east and are east of the Library of Water!

Object 3 Pointing East

Object 2 nearly pointing East

Object 1 Pointing East

People I met today
Rainy & windy so only met indoors

Rebekka Soley G. Hjaltalin
named after her grandmother and father’s sister who died at two days old

1. I love the winter, snow, sort of bored, when its crazy rain, wind and you can’t see the next house, when its like crazy, I love that, wildness, not being able to do anything  is nice.
2. yes – in the autumn ,summer is over, feeling excited about the winter, wanting to be home, cold weather is exciting and one relaxes as not so much to do.
Actually spring same thing, going out all day, can fit more in, I like it, but its different.
3. The weather does affect my mood, sunshine better than the rain, but not too clear
4. No    I don’t get this at all, I have nothing to say.

This girl, 18 or so, works in her mother’s shop on the harbour, not there last year, stationary, toys and wool.

Siggi ?
Librarian   ( who rescued me on my arrival night and who I talked to the other day, not sure he wants to talk at all but too polite or bored doing his job, though I must say 5 people came in while I was there to change books and get out magazines, Friday? I could not ask him the questions as set but tried to talk about moods and the weather so more general _ I think men might be quite difficult to reveal themselves here –
He tallied about the studies that say there is more depression in the winter dark , he is not sure it affects the mood as they are all pretty depressive anyway, its hard, further north in the fjords they get no light, here it is only a few dark days and this year none, even less in Reykavik, it is changing, there’s too much light.
This used to be the best place for scallops in iceland but they are all gone, disease, over fishing( though they say not), chemicals, ships – now it is blue mussels – its good for them here now
He did not say anything personal it was all ‘they say’, though he seemed to say that the weather did not affect his mood, his moods were all affected by what was going on in his head, weather or not

Sigriour Erla Gudmundsdottir
1.No prevailing mood just takes what comes ( the word prevailing is quite hard to explain), more positive, generous than negative
2. Not a big difference but I prefer Autumn, nice that summer is over ( busy time) and I can be more in the house, at home. Spring is more complicated, too much going on, more stresses, autumn things are earthed.
3.Yes – mostly brightness, when its sunny, I like it when it rains, I don’t like the cold bright light in may and june, too much cold brightness, its a blue colour not yellow/green, its aggressive, prefer slightly off weather , one is not allowed to say it as one is expected to like the sun, there is just too much light in my eyes.
4.  East  that is when you are more peaceful,its something from the land – all other directions from here are the sea, today wind from the south east –

I liked the co incidence that I was walking east today looking for my objects, quite hurriedly as it was wet and rainy

Go East –find three large objects  or structures pointing east and
photograph them

On the way

Find three people to answer these questions:

a. What is your

naturally prevailing mood?

b. Is there a big difference in your mood between

Autumn and spring?

c. Does the weather affect your mood?

d. Ask them if they can relate moods to points of the compass.

Write them down, if they are happy for you to record them then do so.

Send us the written answers.  Mark on mood compass the mood of the day.

hundreds, many

weather charts

a weather chart

covering the hemisphere

weather charts

day and midnight and day

56 stations from ships

upper air

nine upper air

day upper air

weather station notes

able to read symbols

weather symbols

these are as follows

before the disaster










wave, my best photo




Drink 5 pints of water over the day. Feel the weight of it inside you. Try
to pee as infrequently as possible. Describe how it makes you feel letting
the water go.
Mark on mood compass the mood of the day.

 Ok, a humour to the day, like a secret I was carrying around!

Had to wait a while before writing after drinking, so in the afternoon walked to the graveyard, one of the places left to visit and found the only bench

sensation 1 still feeling ok just steady

sensation 2 swimming pool also ok  but could not use stomach muscles, felt like so much water rumbling around

sensation 3 hot tub – difficult, somehow that hot water makes one want to pee

sensation 4 walking back, now the sting is there between my legs, I wish it made me me think of sex but actually it doesn’t

sensation 5 walked around to the harbour and funnily enough a boat was emptying its ‘insides’ into the water, a reminder

sensation 6 someone has gone up to the lighthouse so I am sitting in the sun at the bottom – I ‘ve only ever been up there by myself – so I’m not joining them

sensation 7 it is calm deep blue water, why are there no people just some cars coming round and back, it is so empty for 1,700 people

sensation 8 going to walk back via Ragnheildur at her library to drink some more. Stopped for quite a long talk

sensation 9 walking gingerly now in fact keeping still is a way to hold on, trying to drink more water

sensation 10 eating lots to soak it up –

sensation 11 got to 6pm now relieved

Well overall it was not a pleasant feeling, I am not great at drinking enough anyway so …

I was interupted…have been out for a lovely soup and a glass of wine so feel completely different, I will even drink some more water now!


made sequences for familiar fond, flat flace, fair, fault,fine, falling, give a watery experience, halo

had a mishap with ‘ I lay down on a hard bed north, north east ( fell off chairs and made a mark on the floor, cut under little toe) so that is just a line!

It is the first day I have actually worked with the pillars, somehow that was last year, this visit more about the actual space

familiar found

flat face

fair fault

for fine



plate 34

clouds irregular

sun or moon

give a watery appearance









North West

South West